Media Training and Presentation Training Across Asia-Pacific


An Intimate, Personalised Approach

Oake Media is a boutique media and presentation training company based in Singapore.  Our clients include Citibank, DBS, Standard and Poors, Standard Chartered Bank, Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, CNBC, Channel News Asia, Forbes and many CEOs and analysts around the region.

All sessions are conducted personally by former CNBC Squawk Box anchor Lisa Oake. With her sixteen years of experience as a producer and presenter for CNBC, Lisa helps business leaders get from Point A to Point B in the shortest time possible.

Most of our clients are based in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China and India.

Who Needs Media Training?

Our clients are often at the top of their professions but just need a tiny bit of help in one area –  communicating their messages in a credible, confident manner. If you get nervous during interviews or presentations, we can help.

We will teach you a series of tricks that will make you appear relaxed and able to handle any question that gets thrown your way. Once you master these basic techniques, it will just be a matter of practice until you become the public speaker you have always wanted to be!

What Happens During Your Sessions?

We keep our media training sessions short, intimate and intensive.   Theory is just not our thing.  We prefer a tough but effective bootcamp approach to drill the lessons we’ve learned over decades in television newsrooms into our clients’ psyche.

In a half day (four hour) session, you will learn a framework for approaching ALL media interviews and public appearances.  These techniques will carry you smoothly through any television, radio, newspaper or social media interview.  They will also help you during work or client presentations.

We start with an on-camera, baseline assessment of your current interview or presentation skills.  From there, we identify distracting habits that need to be corrected and help you simplify and polish your core messages.  This will be followed by several other on-camera practice sessions to help implement the new techniques you have learned.

You will also be introduced to techniques to help you manage technical difficulties during a live interview or presentation.

In a nutshell, you will learn how to:

  • appear relaxed and confident
  • correct verbal crutches and other distracting habits
  • craft an honest, credible, engaging message
  • answer unfair or difficult questions
  • prepare for technical difficulties (they always happen!)
  • polish your personal style

Where Does the Training Take Place?

Our team will set up our camera equipment in the privacy of your office or conference room.  If you prefer, an external location can also be arranged.

Lisa travels around Asia to meet with clients who need help

What Happens to the Video Files Containing my Practice Interviews?

Everyone worries about embarrassing mistakes made during media training or presentation training sessions ending up on YouTube.

At the end of all of our sessions, we will pass each client a thumb drive containing only their interview files.  If there is more than one trainee in a session, each will receive a thumb drive containing only their practice interviews.

We then delete all files from our camera before we leave the training venue. 

What Kind of Questions Will be Asked?

Each trainee will be interviewed as if they are appearing on CNBC or another international news channel.  We will collect information on your title, role, responsibilities and challenges.

Expect difficult questions!  We will make you answer them again and again until you are comfortable discussing the issues you can expect to face during a real interview.

Will You Help Polish My Appearance?

Yes.  An image consultation and professional make-up application is a part of every session.  Our image consultant will advise you on everything from what to wear during your interviews to how to apply your own make-up in case that service is not provided before a television interview.

Television and video presentations are visual.  Just one distracting feature like a bad haircut, dangling earrings or crumpled suit can detract from your credibility. We take this aspect of your training very seriously.

How Can I Get a Quote?

Send us a message via the Contact Us page.  We will be in touch within 24 hours.


CALM UNDER PRESSURE: APEC’s Executive Director Alan Bollard was relaxed and eloquent during WTO meetings in Bali. His seven minute interview with Lisa Oake aired live on CNBC U.S., CNBC Europe and CNBC Asia.