What Our Clients Have to Say…


February 2, 2018

“Our team really enjoyed our media training session with Oake Media.  The session was insightful, enjoyable and most importantly, delivered results.” 

Jonathan Wright, Global Managing Director, Dow Jones Group, Hong Kong


February 2, 2018

“As a media/public speaking novice, I found this session highly useful.  Moving forward, my interviews and public speaking will be much more structured and I will be more confident.  Great advice and insight!” 

Joe Martin, Director of Commercial Partnerships, Dow Jones, Asia Pacific, Hong Kong



February 2, 2018

“An excellent session run by Lisa for four senior executives.  A good blend of insight, theory and practical all backed up by 20 years in the business.” 

Toby Doman, Communications Director, Asia Pacific, Dow Jones, Hong Kong



January 10 , 2018

“Lisa Oake provided me with training for the television commentating I do for Sky News in London.  Lisa was so helpful and I feel she really pushed me forward in understanding how to talk, sit and move on camera.  Thank you Lisa for your great help and professional insight.  Highly recommended!” 

Lizzi Zita, Sky News Commentator, London, England



April 1, 2017

“Turned upside down in 3 hours. I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of media interviews or interviews of any kind. And previous trainings have proven that I am not made for the media. Or? Well – Lisa has proven me wrong. In about three hours she turned my entire behaviour in front of a camera around.

From being hyper nervous, not being able to connect with the camera or the interviewer to not being able to deliver a message that sticks with the audience. You name it! I was a mess (I have proof of it). By explaining the impact that a good interview can have and providing tools on how to deal with an interview situation – she made it possible for me to handle interviews more eloquently. Her passion to help her clients and the empathy shown during the training made it easy to process and comprehend the contents of the training.

I believe one of the major advantages I saw compared to other trainings is that there was no hint of patronising behaviour, but full understanding that not everyone is comfortable in the limelight. The entire team (camera, light and make-up) were very comforting – but at the same time “brutally” honest without doing too much damage to my ego. 

I would recommend Lisa for anyone who has to deal with media (be it newbies or people that need a bit of a refreshment course). Feel free to contact me (Lisa has my contact details) if you need further elaboration. Thank you very much Lisa Oake!” 

Josephin Galla, Director of Public Sector & Security, SAP Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore



June 5, 2017

“Lisa and her team helped me with my first media interview. The practice sessions with a full TV crew, coupled with thorough review and feedback on how to improve, I thought was really the best way to get the points across. In an action packed 3 hour session there was marked improvement once I learned and implemented the different professional tips. Thank you Lisa and her team. Not only did it prepare me for the interview, but it was also fun.”

Rig Karkhanis, Head of Global Markets, Asia Ex-Japan, Nomura




“I have learned so much from Lisa that I have no doubt anyone seeking her help on media techniques will benefit enormously.  Lisa has helped me more than I can ever say to come across well and to avoid coming off badly in situations where I might otherwise have done.”

Paul Gambles, Co-founder and Managing Partner, MBMG Group, Bangkok



“Lisa Oake hosted our inaugural DBS Institutional Investor Symposium and played a huge part in making the event the success that it was.  In the midst of the turbulent Brexit vote and with a packed full day agenda, Lisa was the perfect host, effortlessly leading discussions between the speakers while keeping the audiences attention throughout.Her knowledge of the difficult subject matter was impeccable and she was at ease throughout the day, commanding the stage in-between sessions and engaging the speakers during the panel discussions.A consummate professional with a personal touch, Lisa added a tremendous amount of value on the day and we would highly recommend her for any Emcee job. As a matter of fact, we hope to have her back for our second Symposium later this year!”

Ivan Avramovic, Vice President, DBS Bank, Singapore



“We have engaged Lisa to moderate our clients’ events for a few times. She is very experienced, professional and always well-prepared. Our clients are all very happy for her work and we will definitely continue working with her.”

Priscilla Chan, Founder,  Speakers Connect, Hong Kong



We engaged Lisa to be the emcee and moderator for the plenary panel sessions at RHB Banking Group’s “One Belt, One Road, One Asia” regional conference in Kuala Lumpur. She quickly put the panel members at ease, kept the audience engaged and managed the panel discussions at a lively pace. We would be happy to work with her again for our future events.

Huey Chiang Yap, Regional Head of Research, RHB Investment Bank, Malaysia 



“Lisa is one of the best moderators I’ve worked with. Her discussions on stage are always lively, dynamic and insightful. Very professional and a pleasure to work with!”

Liberty Ticzon, CNBC Events, Singapore



“Whether speaking at conferences or conducting training or workshops, Lisa has the rare gift of being able to share what she knows (and she knows a lot!) extremely effectively. She helps others to benefit from her experience by sharing the skills and lessons she has learnt over many years as a successful and well respected journalist, news anchor, reporter and presenter. She exudes professionalism and ensures her clients reach their full potential by building their confidence and bringing out the best in them. It is a rare and generous individual who is able to help others to shine and Lisa does exactly that.”

 Eva Choong, Customer Experience Specialist, London



“Lisa emceed our Fundraising event in 2016. She was personable and professional at every stage, from planning to the final event. I would not hesitate to recommend her as an emcee.”

Sara Jane Soutar, Colours of Kattike Charity, Singapore


“As an experienced news anchor, Lisa delivers financial and business news with credibility and objectiveness. You fall in love with her natural presenting the moment you tuned on to her show. Now she’s providing top-rated training services. For people who wants to know the TV industry better, nothing on earth can be more conducive than trainings provided by a well-known media professional.There will never be a dull and single standard text book style teaching in Lisa’s training. She adjusts her training methods according to her student’s aptitude. She can always excavate the best side of you, making you realize your personal value, making you shine like a star.”

Henry Yin,  News Presenter, Channel News Asia, Singapore




“Professional and personable, Lisa knows how to critique and guide with efficiency and heart. Absolute pleasure each time we meet!”

Teresa Tang, News Presenter, Channel News Asia, Singapore