Crisis Communications and Preparation

Forward-thinking business leaders across Asia are preparing their companies and employees for a crisis before it happens. A company with an action plan already in place can react faster and minimise damage to its brand and bottom line.

This one day course is designed for senior executives and communications professionals who are in charge of responding to stakeholder concerns or potential crises.

Taught by former CNBC Asia presenter Lisa Oake, this session will provide a precise, step-by-step framework on how to prepare for and implement an effective crisis response.

Case studies will profile leaders who handled a crisis effectively and those who were ill-prepared.

A professional camera crew will be on hand so participants can practice delivering media interviews and press conferences during a simulated crisis.

This course will cover:

  • Anticipating a Crisis
  • Developing Holding Statements
  • Identifying your Crisis Communications Team
  • How to Speak to the Media During a Crisis
  • How to Deliver a Press Conference
  • Establishing Channels of Information
  • Case Studies: Who Did it Right and Who Did it Wrong?
  • Monitoring systems
  • Post-Crisis Analysis
  • Self-Care During a Crisis: Keeping Stress Under Control