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Executives in Singapore and across Asia need to be prepared to communicate on the global stage.

This intensive, half day (four hour) course equips trainees with a framework for handling all types of media interviews. Taught by former CNBC Asia presenter Lisa Oake, the modules cover television, radio, print and social media interviews.

A full camera crew and make-up artist will be on hand to simulate a real life interview situation. All trainees will learn how to conduct in-studio and remote interviews (when they are in one location looking into a camera and the interviewer is in another).

The theory component will cover the importance of effective story telling and how to answer difficult or unfair questions.

The course fee includes a camera crew, equipment rental and an image stylist.

At the end of the session, each participant receives a thumb drive containing only his or her practice interviews and we delete all files from our cameras.

A typical session includes:

  • Practice Studio Interviews
  • Playback and Critique
  • Verbal Crutches, Inflection, Energy Levels
  • Posture
  • What to do with your Hands
  • Where to Look During a Television Interview
  • Theory/Video Examples
  • Understanding What the Media Wants
  • Developing Your Message and Telling Stories
  • Answering Difficult Questions