We help conference organisers plan outstanding events....

Every year, millions of people around the world attend conferences to learn new things about their professions. Industry events can be fun, informative and exciting.images In addition to a compelling line-up of speakers, many organizers consider a professional panel moderator to be a crucial component of a successful event. A skilled moderator will handle introductions, guide discussions and extract valuable, relevant information from speakers. This is where we can help… Former CNBC Asia Presenter Lisa Oake has been leading thought-provoking discussions across Asia-Pacific for over twenty years. Her clients include DBS, CNBC, Bank of Singapore, Toshiba, The World Bank, Credit Suisse, Genesys, Coutts and the World Islamic Economic Forum.

The Oake Media Team Will Work Closely With You To:

  • Handle the opening and closing of your event.
  • Introduce all guests and elements of the program.
  • Pre-interview panelists to ensure a lively on-stage discussion.
  • Field questions from the audience and direct them to the most appropriate panelist.
  • Keep an eye on the clock to make sure each segment wraps up on time.

“Lisa Oake hosted our inaugural DBS Institutional Investor Symposium and played a huge part in making the event the success that it was. Lisa was the perfect host, effortlessly leading discussions between the speakers while keeping the audience’s attention throughout. Her knowledge of the difficult subject matter was impeccable. A consummate professional with a personal touch!”

Ivan Avramovic
Senior Vice President
DBS Bank