Turned upside down in 3 hours. I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of media interviews or interviews of any kind and previous trainings made me believe I am not made for the media. But Lisa has proven me wrong. In about three hours she turned my entire behaviour in front of a camera around. From being hyper nervous, not being able to connect with the camera or the interviewer to being able to deliver a message that sticks with the audience. By explaining the impact that a good interview can have and providing tools on how to deal with an interview situation she made it possible for me to handle interviews more eloquently. Her passion to help her clients and the empathy shown during the training made it easy to process and comprehend the contents of the training. The entire team (camera, lights and make-up) were very comforting but at the same time brutally honest without doing too much damage to my ego. I would recommend Lisa for anyone who has to deal with media (be it newbies or people that need a bit of a refreshment course). Thank you very much Lisa Oake!